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Myth No.2 – DD cup is huge

by Maxine on June 01, 2011 in Bra Fitting, D Cup and Up Lingerie

Using the term  ‘DD cup’ excites the boys and frightens the girls, but mention you are a G cup in polite company and people will look at you in disbelief.

These women have been fitted into D & DD cup bras in various back sizes. Do they look huge? No they don’t they look perfectly lovely. This is what real D & DD cups actually look like.

Many, many women think they are D cup and always seek that size, but when they submit to a proper fitting, D isn’t even close.

At Brava it’s not unusual to fit a woman who says she is 14D into a bra that is 10G, it happens all the time. She looks and feels much better, but is often shocked and maybe in denial about her correct size, in fact sometimes we dont tell her. Isn’t it all about how she looks and feels, not about the numbers on the label? We’ve seen women who refuse to wear the correct size and continue to squeeze themselves into D cup – maybe this is a new phobia – this fear of wearing D+ cups. ‘Deecupphobia’!

Contributing to the confusion are images of celebs like Pamela Anderson with reports of her being 36DD (14DD) after breast augmentation surgery. She is a tiny framed woman with full breasts and is more likely to be a 30G (8G).  The size 36 (14) band has nothing to do with the size of her breasts. Does her ribcage look like a size 14 and would she wear sized 14 clothes?? Definitely not, she looks like a size 8-10 to us.  This is just one of the reasons people see DD as so big.

YouTube images of women with larger cups are often hideous and mostly designed to tantalise morons. If you look around at your colleagues and family, many of the women will be bigger than D cup but chances are they are wearing a badly fitting D cup that makes their breasts look bigger and their grooming a tad scruffy.

The cause of this phenomena no longer exists.  For a long time DD was the largest cup size made and people perceived this size as very big. Many women wore DD in a bra that had a band much too big for them, it rose up at the back, the cups werent smooth, the shape was distorted, the support was totally inadequate and the comfort level was abysmal.  In those dark days there were no other options unless you could afford to have bras made for you, or took a chance on having them altered.

There are no excuses now, innovative lingerie manufacturers are designing fabulous D+ cup bras that are supportive, beautiful, high quality and affordable.  The size range won’t be in all lingerie shops and department stores, for a variety of reasons, but the really good specialist shops have the finest off them. Working with many brands and ranges from around the globe, they test them on themselves and their customers, they review them, decline many and only stock those that do a sublime job of supporting women.

We shouldnt be telling you all about the sizing issue without providing some explanation of how bra sizes actually work to give a better understanding why a D cup is not necessarily a big cup size. Did you know:

  • D cup on a size 10 band (10D) is 3 times smaller than a D cup on a size 16 band (16D). The equivalent size of a 10D cup in a 16 band would be 16A.
  • A 12G cup is the same size cup as a 20DD
  • An 8J cup is equal to a 14GG.
  • Generally D cup augmented breasts are measured from a 16D mass, so on a size 10 frame it will look more like an F cup – most surgeons do not take into account the band size of a bra which results in a huge misconception. So when you see these very busty size 10 ‘D’ cup girls post augmentation they probably have equal  to a bra sized F cup on their chest.

Confused?  The D cup changes in size along with the band size. If you have been wearing a 12DD and we fit you into an 8F, this does not mean your bust size is bigger, it simply means you have been wearing a band that is far too big for your frame. But sometimes all a woman can see is that letter ‘F’ and for her that stands for freak, but we see ‘F’ for fabulous.  Still confused? Ask us a question.

By Lin Windram.

35 Responses to "Myth No.2 – DD cup is huge"

  1. kim says:

    Hi I have very large books that finding pretty bras has become difficult. I am unsure about purchasing online because I don’t know exactly what size I need current in a 14 F but also have a 16 j in a different style the full cup 14 F feels like it provides more support. I’m currently wearing breastfeeding bras but when I stop breastfeeding I want new bras as don’t plan on more kids. Can u send me some advice on finding the right fit online I don’t wanna spenda lot of money and get the wrong size.

    • The Bra-Fitters says:

      Hi Kim!
      We know how difficult it can be to find something pretty beyond a D cup, plus we also know that sizing can be tricky to get right, especially with the changes that come with breastfeeding. It might be that the 14F feels more supportive because the band is firmer – I would guess that the 16J is too big in the back and cup for you right now. I’d recommend taking a look at our bra fitting guides at and our returns policy for online purchases allows you to receive an exchange or refund on anything that you’re not happy with, plus we’re always available for fitting advice.
      I hope this helps, but please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions at all!

  2. Jen says:

    Very interesting article! I’ve recently been fitted as 12H. Would be interested to know the equivalent in sizes 14 & 16. I have quite a few older bras and I thought that after having my second bub (still breastfeeding) that my boobs were massive but may be same or even less than before pregnancy & feeding.

    • The Bra-Fitters says:

      Hi Jen!
      If you’re currently wearing a 12H and the cup is fine but you’d like to change the back size, you could try a 14GG or a 16G – these are exactly the same volume in the cup, just with a looser band. If you need a smaller band size, you need to go up a letter in the cup to get the same volume, and if you’d like a larger band size, you need to go back a letter to get the cup size right. I know it’s really confusing, but I promise it all works out! Let us know if there’s anything more you’d like to know about equivalent sizing!

  3. ShyMaddie says:

    Umm hi! So I’m 19, I live in California, USA. I just found this site today. It is a bit confusing, but helpful. Ever since I was little I was always a larger cup size then the other girls in my class. And now at almost 20 I’m a 44H, fitted by myself. But I’m not sure that I’m in the right size or not. I’m a bigger gal too. So anyways, I was wondering what you all thought. Over looked at charts before and measured myself, and they say I’m supposed to be a J? Because my breasts measure about 10-11 inches over my ribcage. Thanks so much if you do reply. c:

    • The Bra Fitter says:

      Hi Maddie,
      Thanks for your message. Its difficult to get the right size with a chart and tape measure because all women are unique, size, age, firmness, shape etc, only a proper bra fitting with an experienced fitter can ensure you have the right fit. I suggest you go to our website and look at our fitting guides, its about following the steps to work out if your current best fitting bra is feeling secure and comfortable. Sorry I cant help more. kind regards Maxine

  4. Alice says:

    This has made me feel so much better about my recent bra dramas! I’ve been wearing a 10DD for about a year, and over the last few months feeling extremely uncomfortable. I finally went and got fitted, turns out I’m an 8F! I was pretty distressed about being so big and ‘disproportionate’ but i feel better after reading other people’s comments! Is there anywhere in Tasmania that stocks Brava?

    • The Bra Fitter says:

      Hi Alice, Thanks for your comment. 8F – not disproportionate at all, only the bra size makes it sound that way. Plenty of girls are your shape but unfortunately so many lingerie stores still don’t get it. Sorry Alice, we bring these brands in from overseas suppliers so we don’t have a Brava brand that we supply and we do not have a store in Tasmania. We can help you to purchase online or maybe you can visit us one day, just email kind regards Maxine

  5. Emily says:

    I’m thinking of coming in and being properly fitted. My breasts are large, but not (I feel) G cup large, but I was “fitted” into a 16D by bras’n’things. I don’t feel very confident with their fitting though because it was taken outside my clothing and while 16D feels like it fits better than a 14D, it still feels a bit small. But the cup size on 16E is too big for me! And as a student I can’t really afford much so I’ve been shopping at K-mart for my bras, and of course it is nearly impossible to find anything bigger than a D cup!

    • The Bra Fitter says:

      Hi Emily, Yes it can be difficult finding bras above a D cup. Unfortunately you may need to spend a little more as we find the less expensive bras may not be structured well enough for a fuller bust. A D cup in a 14 is smaller than a D cup in a 16, so you may like to try a 14DD. But take a look on our website and search on your size and sale items and you will find many bras on sale in a 14DD. Try to visit us if you can for a proper fitting.

  6. Kylie says:

    At the age of 10 while I was still wearing kids size clothes it was fitter in a store as a 14DD. As an adult I figured out for myself I was wearing the wrong size. I went to bra shops and tried on different sized to find the best fit a 10E when I should have been wear an 8F but couldn’t find it and I always thought I was huge. Now that I’ve had children I’m wear a 12G and the smallest I’ve been able to get between pregnancies is a 10F. Now I pregnant with our 4th child I still finding it hard to buy things to fit my bust, I currently on the hunt to find a Swimsuit that supports my bust and expands over my belly and it all seems impossible.

    • The Bra Fitter says:

      Hi Kylie, I agree, it can be difficult. Women change shape many times throughout their lives for many reasons. There are a few which you can see on our website Take a look at the Hoola swimsuits, they have tummy ruching and bust support, also Fantasie and Panache come in some great styles also, all with cup sizes.

  7. Jasmin says:

    Great article! I decided it’s time go shopping for bra’s that fit be fully today. I’ve been wearing B size cups for the last several years, but the only ones that seemed to fit me today were DD, which really surprised me. I bought some 24 DD cup bras but I wasn’t quite saw if that was right, as -like you discussed in your article- I always imagined that to be much much bigger. Reading you article, and looking at the pictures at the top of those D cup women, I feel much more reassured that is my size.

    However I still am a bit iffy if I got the right size, as even the best fitting bra’s I found had the underwire having a small gap between it and my body when I stretch and the middle bit of fabric in between the separated breasts never fully touching my body. I tried both smaller and larger band sizes and smaller cup sizes, as well as adjusting the straps. Does this mean I still haven’t quite got the right fitting bra, or it’s perfectly normal?

    • The Bra Fitter says:

      Hi Jasmine, Thanks for your comment. There are some women where the middle section cant quite sit on the chest bone, however if the bra is the correct fitting it should in most cases. If the 24DD is quite good but still sitting away from the middle, try a 24E as its usually because the cup is still too small. If you are able to fit into a 22 back then try a 22F. Don’t worry about the cup size sounding big, when you go down in the back, then cup goes down also so you must increase the cup size to allow for this. Sometimes the reason it may not sit right is the actual style, not the size, so try a few different styles also. It can be hard to fit yourself, try to find a good bra fitter to help you. Good luck :)

  8. salsabil says:

    I am 15 years old and my bra size ( which is really embarrassing) is a 28j after I recently got fitted and finally convinced my mum to stop buying me sports bras to make me breast look smaller (which makes my uncomfortable) I got quite offended when a lady at this shop that I knew would not sell my size that I should get a breast reduction ( which I do not really is a option I want to take case they don’t case any problems they r just big) I not sure why my book r so big I sometimes feel a little self conscious especially changing during sports at school and when shopping with my friends cause tops fit me differently. I find it really strange that I wear size 12 (UK) and a size 8/10 on my bottom half as well

    • The Bra Fitter says:

      Hi Salsabil, Im sorry to hear what that shop assistant said to you. Unfortunately many lingerie shops still don’t understand we come in all shapes and sizes. If she didn’t have your size she should have referred you to a lingerie store that does. I assume you know about Bravissimo, they should be able to look after you in UK. We see many girls your age with your bra size, it can be difficult for you but you are not alone. But being fitted correctly will help you to feel more confident and comfortable. I hope you get the help you deserve. warm regards Maxine – Brava

  9. Emily says:

    I live in the USA as well and was told the same thing for years. I’m a 32DD or a 32DDD, depending on the design of the individual bra. The thing is, I’m really not large-chested. I just have a slightly small ribcage. I actually look like a C cup, which I would be if I wore a 36. Go to Victoria’s Secret. There are probably other places, but its the only one I’ve found.

  10. sally says:

    I am 15 and my bra size is 30g UK size which I do not like I am 9st and 4lbs is this because of my weight or something or a genetic thing because most of the women in my family have big boob eg mum is 34f it is also really awkward to go shopping for bras and they don’t often have my size in shops and if they do it is really grannish compared to the ones that my friend wear because of their smaller busts I tried to get my mum to let me buy them online bit she wants me to try them in shops and it is also very hard to go shopping and I normally wear cloths that r too big for me to cover them up. Help

    • The Bra Fitter says:

      Hi Sally,
      It can be difficult, we know. Genetics usually plays a part but sometimes it can come from a generation back. Breasts are made up of fat and tendons so often if you lose weight your cup size can go down, however women tend to store fat in various places, may be bottom, tummy or breasts, so its hard to say if its due to your weight. Your Mum is right, if you can try to go into a shop to get fitted you have a better chance of getting the right fit. Usually the right bra will make you appear smaller as well. We are in Australia so we cant really help, but in UK try Bravissimo, they are a specialty D cup and up store like Brava. Hope this helps. Take care Maxine

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