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49 out of 50 women in wrong size bra… What?

by Maxine on September 14, 2011 in Bra Fitting

A good bra fitter is crucial

Thats 98%

Can you believe those numbers? We know most women who visit Brava for the first time are wearing the wrong size bra, but even we were surprised to find that this is true for a staggering 98% of our new customers. That’s just nuts!

So how do we know this? During the survey period, we asked new customers what size they had been wearing and then we recorded their correct size once we had completed the fitting process.

Here are the results of the 50 women we surveyed:

  • 32 out of 50 needed to go down at least one back size
  • 29 out of 50 increased by 1 to 2 cups
  • 15 out of 50 increased by 3 to 4 cups

One woman went from a 22E to a 16GG – that’s 3 back sizes and 1 cup. Remember that the back band affects the cup size, for example: 22E is equal in cup size to a 20F = 18FF = 16G and so on. So for this woman although a GG cup sounds very different to an E cup, once the back size is sorted it’s actually only one cup difference. This is one of the reasons women get it so wrong. If this woman was fitting herself and wanted a tighter back band, she would probably assume she needs to go from a 22E to an 18E – but in fact this would decrease the cup by one size, this would not fit her.

At Brava we only fit fuller-busted women, and our guess is that badly fitted bras are more prevalent in women D cup & above. So if A, B & C cup women were included in our survey, it’s likely the final figure may come down a little and sit with the widely documented figure of 80% being incorrectly fitted. However, we believe that whether the correct percentage is 80% or 98% is irrelevant because the majority of women in Australia, and probably worldwide, don’t know how it feels to be wearing the right size bra. Its very well-documented by leading physicians who specialise in this area that ill-fitting bras can lead to back, neck and shoulder pain. And lets not get started on the negative body image and discomfort…

Why? Why? Why?

We know why, because we talk with these women every day.

In their words:

  • “Myer only had two bras in my size and there weren’t enough staff to help me”
  • “David Jones don’t even do fittings now, nobody could help me”
  • “All the bra shop had in my size was a granny bra”
  • “But I’ve always worn this size”
  • “But I have been fitted before and this is what they fitted me in”
  • “The fitter made me feel like I was abnormal because I was an F cup”
  • “Last time I was fitted at a department store I walked out in tears”
  • “I’ve never had a bra fitting”
  • “I’ve only ever had a negative experience when buying a bra”

We hear these comments on a daily basis from our new customers.  Although lingerie shops and departments stores are carrying a wider range of bigger cup styles, it is still not enough. Anyone who has had a fitting at Brava knows that we need to try a wide range of styles, brands, shapes and sizes to get a really good fit. If a store only carries a handful of bigger cup styles, it’s just pure luck to get the right fit.

We also know that many women do not get a bra fitting because they feel embarrassed or they don’t know what to expect. Some women liken a bra-fitting to a pap smear or a breast scan. Although women do not look forward to any of these things, they are without a doubt important for a woman’s health and should be seen as a priority.

A bra fitting can be quite enjoyable once you start to feel good about your shape and a correctly fitted bra makes you feel this way. At Brava, you can have privacy to put the bras on yourself (which happens most of the time), as long as we can check each fitting and advise on the fit. Gone are the days of the tape measure and snooty bra-fitters who don’t listen to your concerns and hand you a granny bra because that’s all they have on offer.

More reasons you should get a professional bra fitter’s help:

Fitting a woman above D cup is generally more challenging than fitting a B or C cup.  As most of the support derives from the back band it needs to be firmer, so you don’t rely on the shoulder straps to take the weight off the bust. When the band size is reduced the cup size needs to increase to compensate. The intricacies of bra fitting could fill another couple of pages and it can be difficult to comprehend unless you are a bra fitter and work with women with a fuller bust. If you go for a bra fitting to a store who does not specialise, its unlikely you will get the right fit. These fitters have almost no experience and very little understanding how to fit beyond a D cup. One customer told us that a store said to her “there is no such thing as an F cup”. A bra fitter without daily experience of fuller cup fittings is comparable to trying to drive a manual car after learning in an automatic.

So what’s our message?Get a bra fitting! But ensure it’s with a store who specialises in bigger cup bras. And when we talk about bigger cups, we are not just talking about DD & E cups; the store must carry many styles to a J cup and lots more to a G cup.Tell us about your experience – we love to hear from you. Were you surprised to find how amazing you felt in the right size bra for the first time?
By Lin Windram.

8 Responses to "49 out of 50 women in wrong size bra… What?"

  1. Rhonda says:

    Thanks for the share! Very useful info, looking to communicate!

  2. Vesna says:

    Im wearing 12E and its not that comfy. The back rides up and I pop out the cups a little bit. Im thinking of coming in for a fit but dont like undressing in front of people and i cant believe Id need bigger than E cup – I look pretty big.

    I was fitted in the lingerie shop in my town and they said this one was pretty good and I did try about 4 different styles. Does Brava have many styles for me to try because its a 3 hour drive so I dont want to waste my time.

    Can someone let me know if its really worth the drive or do i stick with the local shop?? – they do have every size from A cup to G cup so there should be good options there.

    Thank you,
    Vesna, Mornington Peninsula

    • Odessa Magnum says:

      I’ve always wondered why a tiny breasted girl/women wishes to have bigger breasts, I’m sure it’s the media’s images of all the fake women’s breast sizes in both print advertisements and tabloids from around the world, I ‘know’ the bigger the breast size, angry women that wish they could have bigger breasts can get violent with women who are ‘blessed’ to wear a bigger bra, I for one love a smaller breast size, even the smaller ‘a cup’ size, the natural her is what I like, if her bra or bikini top are there to cover her breasts, I for one say, sexy white lace bras and lingerie on them than those with a larger cup size, they look sexier in their dresses and t shirts, as a lover of a women’s sexy bra (s), you girls/women with smaller breasts, ‘count your ‘not’ blessings’!!! Later in life, compare the two different size women, the smaller bust size women wins without any doubt, when she is comfortable with her shape, she wins every time!!

    • The Bra Fitter says:

      Hi Vesna,
      It’s extremely unlikely you are in the right size or style if it is not comfy. Unfortunately some lingerie stores don’t carry a big range of the bigger cups so it limits your choice, it may seem the right size but if the style does not suit your shape then you may as well be in the wrong size. Just 4 styles is usually not enough to get a good fit. We have customers who make a special trip to see us not just from regional areas but from interstate also. We even have New Zealand customers. So I would say a big YES, I’m pretty sure we can help you and it is worth a day trip. See you soon. Maxine

  3. Maddie says:

    Yeah – im convinced. My sister brought me along to your bra blitz event this week. Excellent night – so professional. After the 3 models showed us amazing lingerie we all got fitted. No longer 12DD, im proudly 10F but I look smaller and am uplifted. Thanks for the event Id love to come along to more.
    Theres nothing like seeing pretty lingerie on real women – you have awesome staff too.
    Maddie J from Carlton

    • The Bra Fitter says:

      Thanks Maddie, yes its a bonus that all our staff are above a D cup so they can model for these events, we think our staff are awesome too! We will certainly be having more events and will keep you posted. Regards Maxine

  4. Kate says:

    I thought I was hearing wrong when Maxine told me the size of the bras that fitted so well and felt wonderful.

    I have worn 14DD for ever and thought it was the right fit. The recently purchased 14DD are now off to the women of Fiji thanks to Brava accepting donations for the uplift project.

    The bra I LOVE is a 10G Lejaby bra. It doesnt ride up, it seems to hold me really well and it is so pretty.

    The bra I NEEDED is the Freya Sports bra, it lets me run with confidence and is the most supportive sports bra Ive found and I have tried quite a few.

    The bra that is most PRACTICAL is the Fantasie moulded bra because i can wear it under anything Nothing shows and it does give me a flattering shape.

    I really feel so much better in these bras and am convinced I look slimmer. The survey results are amazing but not really surprising once you have experienced a fitting at Brava – well done the team at Brava. I even laughed and enjoyed the experience and thats a first.


    • The Bra Fitter says:

      Hi Kate,

      Great to hear you had a good experience and you are happy with your new shape. Although we fit everyday we still get amazed at what a difference a good bra makes inside and out to us women. Thanks for your comments Kate. Regards Maxine

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