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Aren’t women wonderful!

by Maxine on November 02, 2011 in Bra Fitting, Breast Health

Who is perfect? Who is symmetrical?
Haven’t met one woman who is. We are all unique. Many of us seem to search for our imperfections and magnify them rather than embracing them. If you’re a fuller busted woman, you may think you’re the only one who feels the way you do. Did you freak out when you discovered your real cup size?  Frustrated that friends can grab $30 bras off the sales racks at department stores and you can’t? Remember, those friends usually wish they had your shape. Yep, bigger breasts… how ironic is that? When we have them, we don’t want them; when we don’t have them, we want them.

It sometimes feels like nobody else understands how frustrating having a fuller bust can be.

Let us tell you that you’re not alone…

Top 10 Gripes  – Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I’ve got too much back fat.
  • My breasts are too big.
  • My breasts are too saggy.
  • One breast is bigger than the other.
  • My nipples always show.
  • My tummy is too fat.
  • I’ve got chubby underarms.
  • I am losing weight (if this is true for you, you need to fit for now so your breasts are supported whilst losing weight).
  • I am losing weight but my breasts are not getting any smaller.
  • I’ve got sloping shoulders.

We often see the slim 19 year-old pointing to her fat deposits when its actually just skin and so many beautiful, curvy women tell us how unhappy they are with how they look. We think they look gorgeous.

Women in changing rooms are so critical of themselves, focusing on (and magnifying) their perceived shortcomings, and ignoring their strengths.  A person’s perception of their appearance is often different from how others actually see them.  Sometimes a magnifying glass would be useful for us to understand what women are so unhappy about.

We love it when women accept who they are and recognise that we are all absolutely unique.

  • It’s lovely when we see a size 16 curvy woman look in the mirror with complete confidence and you can just tell she feels sexy and comfortable with her body.
  • It’s heartening when shy 13 year old girls, who are more shapely than their school friends, light up when they find lovely bras that fit them.
  • It’s satisfying when a woman pulls her shoulders back, lifts her head, smiles broadly and likes what she sees.
  • We’ve even had fun with an 83 year old woman who couldn’t find a bra sexy enough (who also told us the dirtiest joke we had ever heard!).

If you have visited our store before, you’ll know there are many sexy and pretty lingerie and swimwear options for us fuller busted ladies. And if you haven’t visited us, do drop in soon as we’d love to help you find the perfect fit.

Our advice to you… Keep as healthy as you can, wear clothes that delight and flatter you, make other people happy and know that you are the best you can be. If you see a woman you think looks lovely, tell her so, but most importantly, love yourself!
By Lin Windram.

4 Responses to "Aren’t women wonderful!"

  1. Naomi says:

    I work in ladies resort fashion & struggle with this daily, fitting swimwear & clothes in general. It’s like the majority of designers are requiring our bodies to change to fit their designs rather than the other way around, designing styles to fit everyone. I’ve met ladies who think they’re fat (they wear a size 10), ladies who have beautiful children but hate their bodies, ladies who can’t make a decision without consulting the husband, who’s interest & involvement ranges from dismissive to gently encouraging. I seriously teared up when I read the line about the 13 year old girl, while my job is a little frivolous, your job is fitting the item every woman needs & wears every day, what a great website & service!

    • The Bra Fitter says:

      Thanks so much for your post Naomi. I think any of us working with women provide an important role, not frivolous at all. Women are so hard on themselves, we tend to focus on our bad bits and find it hard to look in the mirror and say actually I look pretty good. We speak worse to ourselves than we would to other people. If you can genuinely make them feel a little bit better about themselves in a swimsuit that can go a long way. Thanks again for your comments, its always very encouraging for us.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Hi, It is hard to accept the bits we dont like, but for me its about focusing on the bits that Im happy with: Im a shapely E cup, my skin is good and I have good posture. There Ive said it.

    The bits i dont like are my secret, cant change them but I no longer am intimidated by the perfect women we see in magazines. The airbrushing has reached laughable levels – how can a mature women have the skin of a 6 year old? where are the laughter lines?

    I also love the Freya Nieve longline bra I bought from you last week – so flattering. Im bringing mum with me next time because she hates bra shopping and I know Brava will change that, its such a great environment.
    Warmly, Becs

  3. Ifeelbetternow! says:

    I feel better now! Because in front of a mirror I always do look for the bits I dont like. I dont like my arms but when i mentioned it to my friend she went cross-eyed trying to see my issue and empathise. She thinks shes too fat but i would love to be curvy like her. Her sister is unhappy because she is an F cup but we think she looks perfect.

    I do however know that nothing in nature is perfect, Im learning to accept my shell with its imperfections and Im taking your advice to make sure that when I think a woman looks great I will tell her. Thanks for the reminder.

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