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“I spent a lot of years in bras that just didn’t fit me, or were uncomfortable.” “I started having back problems and getting the right bra became really, really important.”  “Every single bra was beige.” To the fuller-busted women of the world, You are not alone; there are solutions and you can feel beautiful! Brava and Prima Donna co-produced this video project with the hopes of reaching D cup & up women everywhere who are still wearing ill-fitting, uncomfortable, beige bras. This project is for the women who cringe at the idea ...


For many years, fuller-busted women had only one decision when it came to bra shopping… which colour minimiser bra to buy?  If your bra cup size is D or above, and you have only ever worn minimiser bras in an effort to make your breasts appear smaller, then your options have got a whole lot better! It’s the perfect time for you to visit a specialty large cup lingerie store and try something new. What is a minimiser bra? Designed to compress and spread your breasts ...