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How to choose a maternity sports bra

I’m pregnant, when will I need a maternity bra? Pregnancy often results in breast growth along with many other changes. Sometimes just one cup size bigger and often 2-3 cups, your rib cage will also expand so you’re likely to need not only a bigger cup size, but also the band size. Although all of your growing is likely to be done by week 16, there may be a number of changes along the way, and then when your milk comes in you will become fuller until it settles. The right ...


Elomi Lingerie have proven themselves as one of the best producers of fuller figure lingerie. They've used their incredible expertise in engineering to produce the Elomi Energise Multiway Sports Bra, and it's one of the best performing sports bra around for the fuller busted and fuller figured woman. We love it for the amazing size range and colours, as well as the superb fit and support.

Sizes Available

Please bear with us because there are lots of band sizes and cup sizes made ...

How to buy lingerie she will love

Every woman loves to receive a gift which has been chosen especially for her. But no man wants to feel like that awkward guy in a lingerie boutique, trying to keep a low profile as he haplessly browses racks of lingerie with rapidly declining confidence in what his love would like to receive (or wear, for that matter). So we've put together a fail-safe guide of 5 easy steps to help you buy her lingerie she will love. Because it's important that she'll love it in order for her to wear ...

Elomi Essentials Firm Control Swimsuit

How much fun is swimwear shopping (said no fuller-busted woman ever)! Does this sound familiar? Standing under the bright lights of the department store fitting room, squeezing into swimwear... knowing it doesn’t quite feel right, but assuming it's the best you will get. Sigh. For so long, DD cup has been perceived to be a BIG cup size because for many years it actually was the biggest cup made. Trust me, I know. As a 15 year old in the 1980s, I was an F cup in a sea of DD ...

Brava's 10th Birthday

Its a decade since Mum and I created Brava, and what a 10 years it’s been. Armed with many, many years of negative bra shopping experiences and a determination to find a better way, we took the plunge and opened our first store in High Street, Prahran in 2006.  On reflection it was very brave and a little crazy. We had no business experience, never worked in retail, had never fitted a bra and neither of us even liked shopping! But this wasn’t our driver. Our driver was ...

Lingerie drawer

As the foundation of any great outfit, your choice of lingerie is very important in helping you feel and look fabulous. But how many different types of bras do you really need? And, more importantly, how many bras do you own that have been sitting unused and unloved for months (or years)? According to a survey done by Rigby & Peller, the average women owns (drum-roll, please)... eight bras. But we think those survey participants may have hidden a few; our guess would be closer to 20 bras (Note: I ...

Prima Donna Madison Full Cup Bra

It's the holy grail of bra shopping for most women: the search for the bra that offers comfort and support, whilst also looking beautiful. And it does exist! In fact, we can suggest many lingerie brands designed for the fuller-bust that are so comfy you forget you're wearing them. But in recent years, there is one brand that really stands out for both our bra fitters and customers... and that is Prima Donna. Prima Donna has been a favourite at Brava ever since we first fitted it five years ago. We ...

Cake Lingerie Ginger Macaroon Flexiwire Nursing Bra

In short, the answer is yes. Are you hearing conflicting advice? Like many aspects of pregnancy and parenthood, there are millions of opinions out there about what you should or shouldn't wear, eat, and do when pregnant or breastfeeding... so who do you listen to? The answer is YOU.  Like all decisions regarding your pregnancy and baby, it’s important to educate yourself to help you to make informed choices. And then decide what is best for you. Brava has fitted 1000’s of women and in a nutshell our advice is this: ...

Body Confidence

We often talk of a woman's self-esteem, her body image, and the language she uses about herself. We try to support her in the fitting room with positive language, support and our warmth to ensure she feels the best she can when standing half naked 60 centimetres from a mirror. After all, she is confronted with her battle scars from childbirth, stretch marks from weight fluctuations and her breasts that just don't look like those in the magazines. We listen to her make little digs at her body, perhaps repeating ...

Prima Donna Divine Strapless Bra

I once wore a strapless bra to a family wedding under my favourite halter dress. I felt fabulous, like movie-star fabulous. After a champagne or three, I jumped with gusto to catch the bride’s bouquet and in the blink of eye (or in my case, the click of a billion embarrassing photos) my strapless bra flipped down over my stomach. Yes, it is possible. Yes, I did do an elegant canter to the ladies’ room to adjust myself (and then sat in the corner to eat cake ...

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