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Bra Review – Fantasie Smoothing Moulded T-Shirt Bra (4510)

Fantasie Smoothing Moulded T-Shirt Bra

The Fantasie Smoothing Moulded T-Shirt Bra in Nude

Updated April 2017

The Fantasie Smoothing Moulded T-Shirt Bra has been one of Brava’s best-selling bras for many years and for a very good reason! If any bra has magical transformative powers, it’s this one. The Fantasie Smoothing Moulded T-Shirt Bra can work wonders for your figure, lift and enhance your bust, and make you appear slimmer!

Sizes Available

  • AUS 8 – 12 (UK 30 – 34) D – H cups
  • AUS 14 (UK 36) D – GG cups
  • AUS 16 (UK 38) D – G cups
  • AUS 18 (UK 40) D – F cups

Colours Available

  • Black & Nude are available all year round.

Best Features

  • Great Uplift
  • Smooth appearance & available to an H cup

What women love:

  • This bra gives a really dramatic uplift and great shape!
  • A totally smooth look underneath all clothing.
  • Very good support.
  • The cups are very sturdy and wash well – remember to hand wash to make your bras last!

What some women may dislike:

  • Some women may feel that the shape is too dramatic – this is a very perky, uplifted cup!
  • The moulding is stiff, and gives the cup a specific shape. Some women may find the cups gape a little as their bust shape doesn’t perfectly match the moulding (but it will still give a great shape!).
  • The moulding may make some women feel that their bust looks bigger especially if you’re not used to moulded cup bras.
Fantasie Smoothing Moulded T-Shirt Bra

The Fantasie Smoothing Moulded T-Shirt Bra in Black


When a woman who has never really felt that her bust looks good visits us, this is often the first bra we go to. The shape of the moulding lifts the bust, elongating her body. This bra can make you look like you have lost kilos, and increase your body confidence in seconds. Some women are wary of trying a moulded bra because they think it will make them look bigger, this is usually not the case. This bra lifts and contains your bust which often results in you looking smaller.

We regularly hear cries of, ‘OMG I look smaller‘, ‘I have a waist now‘, and ‘That looks amazing‘ when we give this bra to women to try. The Fantasie Smoothing Moulded T-Shirt Bra is definitely not a bedroom bra, but it will make you look better in your clothes. The moulding can feel a bit strange, but you get used to it and it can sometimes be difficult going back to non-moulded bras. If you’re used to wearing a minimiser, the shape can be too dramatic a change. We’d recommend taking a look at the Fantasie Rebecca Moulded Bra for a softer shape that still gives great lift.

Like all bras there is a small percentage of women this one does not work on, but overall we recommend it as a staple for every D Cup & Up lingerie drawer. Many of our fitters wear this bra, and say it washes and lasts well, we rarely find fault with it.

Total score


7 Responses to "Bra Review – Fantasie Smoothing Moulded T-Shirt Bra (4510)"

  1. Cakelingerie says:

    Awesome post!Fabulous image.For a Nursing Mother,it is nice to have comfortable nursing clothes that helps to make nursing experience more convenient. Mothers are aware of the importance of wearing the right top, which will allow you to nurse more discreetly and be stylish at the same time!

  2. PennyD says:

    Fantasie makes another smoothing bra without the stiff padding, style #FL4520. It fits well without the perkiness, giving a slightly rounder shape with a slight minimising effect. Fantasic under tshirts and clingy tops. I wear these exclusively now. Can you bring them into Australia?

    • The Bra Fitter says:

      Hi Penny, Yes the Fantasie 4520 is a great bra, we have stocked this bra since the day we opened and its one of our best sellers (Search on 4520 at It’s especially great if you prefer no moulding. For most customers it works well but if you have lost firmness in the top of your breast then the top of the cup wrinkles and some women don’t quite fill it. But when it works, it works beautifully. Thanks for the post Penny, its great to get feedback on different styles.

  3. Lady Jayne says:

    I tried this one but was a bit too perky for me. I preferred the Panache Porcelain for a more natural shape – I wear a lot of tshirts. Luv it.

  4. Esther J says:

    Perfect bra for the work wardrobe, not sexy but so dependable. The Fantasie moulded bra is safe, smooth and uplifting, you do forget you have it on because it is so comfortable. Basic black. Nothing compares.

  5. Jessica says:

    My first moulded and I love it too.

    The downside for me is that its tricky going back to wearing pretty bras because this one works so well under unforgiving fabrics, nothing shows through.

    Its comfortable, it washes easily and seems to last for ages.

    I cant imagine a better bra for an everyday work bra.

    I might try the Ava next time though.

    Thanks for the review, Im looking forward to reading more of these.

    • The Bra Fitter says:

      Thanks for that confirmation Jessica. We aim to review a bra every few weeks starting with our most popular and then as new styles arrive as long as we have trialled them on a very minimum of 10 of our customers.

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