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Elomi Nicole Plunge Bra

I love you. How many times do we say this to others? It rolls off the tongue easily, meaningfully and truthfully. How often do you say it to yourself? Lingerie may be a necessity; an everyday basic that as a fuller busted woman you can’t go without, however it's been portrayed as something you splash out on to impress someone else. You’re the one that’s wearing this underwear, you need to feel your best in it. With that in mind, have a read of these empowering reasons to wear READ MORE >>

Our bodies are so varied, everyone is shaped uniquely. Bigger-busted women can face common challenges when bra shopping, but there are some beautiful bras designed especially to cater to D cup & up women. If you are curvy and short, you may be familiar with the below bra fitting challenges: The underwires may dig into your underarms. In the long-run, this can cause chaffing, discomfort and will be a bra that you want to throw off the minute you arrive home. Straps that are not fully-adjustable tend to sit too far down your ...

Bra myth: DD cup is huge!

Using the term  'DD cup' excites the boys and frightens the girls. But mention you are a G cup in polite company and people will look at you in disbelief. Many women think they are D cup and always seek that size. But when they submit to a proper fitting, D cup isn't even close. At Brava, it's not unusual to fit a woman who says she is 14D into a 10G bra. It happens all the time! Afterwards, she looks and feels much better but is often shocked (and maybe ...

Bras for Bigger Busts

I’ll keep this intro simple because if you’re reading this you’re probably thinking beautiful bras for busty girls? WHERE?! Does your story sound something like this? Shopping for bras as a teenager was depressing, to say the least. Finding anything cute, modern and that didn’t feel like a straitjacket seemed impossible. You may have even stood in those change rooms feeling isolated and close to tears as a sales assistant tried to force you into a skin tone, minimiser with 4 hooks after you requested something sexy to fit under ...

The Bikinis Every Busty Woman Should Be Wearing This Summer

The sun is shining and the time has come to hit the beach. Beaches mean bodies and bodies mean bathers and as a person who wears an 8GG, the thought of shopping for one is terrifying. You all know what that’s like right? It’s sitting on the fitting room floor surrounded by a sea of bikinis with incredible prints you will never pull off. It’s scouting the racks for something with enough material to cover your boob and coming up blank and it’s ...


Almost 9 out of every 10 girls aged 13-14 are failing to meet the recommended amount of exercise, according to the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation, and for many of them the reason boils down to one easily-solvable problem – their bra. A study published in The Journal of Adolescent Health found that almost half of 11-18 year old girls – and almost two-thirds of those who wore a D+ cup size – said that their breasts had some sort of impact on their participation in sport and exercise. ...

Brava customer - Isabella Van Deursen

This post has been guest-written by Brava customer, Isabella Van Deursen. In July 2018, I am heading to Nepal on a school trip as part of a World Challenge expedition. Our World Challenge team will soon decide on a community project, which may involve assisting locals with much-needed renovations or construction, establishing clean water and waste supplies and creating vegetable gardens. We will have the opportunity to work with families who live off the grid and in extreme poverty. Nepal is one of the least developed countries in the world, with a literacy rate ...

Moulded Bras in larger cup sizes

Do you fear that wearing a moulded bra will make your bust look larger? This is a common misconception about moulded bras, which in our experience we've found to be untrue. To clear up any confusion, we define a moulded bra as having a seamless cup which holds its shape even after you have taken it off. 'Moulded' describes how the bra has been made, by heating the bra material over a mold to give the cup its shape. Many moulded bras have a very thin even layer of foam, ...

Bra advice from mother to daughter

Will I Am’s 2007 Hit “I Got It From My Mumma” is our family’s mantra. My mum is a glorious F cup and her three lady offspring don’t drop below an E. Our boobs came in quick, which made puberty hell for us and for our poor dad who went bald worrying about all the boys he’d have to fight off his little girls. Being twelve with giant boobs wasn’t easy. I’ll never forget the day I came home crying because Michael Donnelly decided to point ...

Asymmetrical breasts

Did you know that over 50% of women have different size breasts? Surprisingly common, breast size asymmetry is the term used to describe when your breasts are different in volume, shape or position. The truth is breast asymmetry is so common that even popular celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence and Keira Knightley have opened up about their own uneven breasts. After all, your breasts are sisters not twins! Typically, women find that the asymmetry is more noticeable during puberty and it evens out during development. Why is one of my boobs bigger ...

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