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Elomi Morgan Banded Bra Purple Lily

This blog has been guest-written by Belle; a Brava customer who starred in our ElomiXBrava campaign. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to appear in this campaign - every bra I currently own is Elomi and I am a long-time customer of Brava. I have to travel an hour to get to a Brava store, but I happily do it. Brava staff are honest, their knowledge and expertise fitting is the best I’ve found, and they have wonderful brands like Elomi that suits my needs. It has been over a month since the photo-shoot, ...

Ruby wearing Elomi Matilda

This blog has been guest-written by Ruby; a Brava customer who starred in our ElomiXBrava along with her Mum - Katherine. I had so many bad bra shopping experiences before discovering Brava. I would always come out with the wrong size and feeling discouraged and broken. After a while I just started to think this is going to be it. This is what bras are going to feel like. When my sister first told me about Brava, I was 14 and I couldn’t believe it was true. I expected ...

Annabelle wearing Elomi Matilda

This blog has been guest-written by Annabelle; a Brava customer who starred in our ElomiXBrava campaign. It was just another Thursday night in my ordinary week when I came across the opportunity to participate in a photography and video campaign for one of my most loved stores Brava and the brand Elomi.  Usually I'd see an opportunity like this and really want to apply but my lack of confidence, lack of faith and overwhelming vulnerability would stop me. This time was different. I came across the opportunity at a time when I ...

Ashley Graham wearing a plunge style dress

Do you love the latest plunge style fashions but struggle to find the support you need without ruining the sexy neckline? When designers make beautiful dresses and tops, they often forget that women with bigger cups exist. We've put together a list of our favourite plunge bras to create a staggering shape, uplift AND support in those plunging dresses and tops. Whether you're looking to create a modest cleavage or a va-va-voom effect, below are your D+ cup plunge bra options. The vintage-inspired plunge bra Soft and smooth, this style has a ...

Mother & Daughter Bra Shopping

Do you remember your first time? Did your mum take you? Or did you go alone? Bra shopping can be a lovely ritual between mothers and daughters. Your daughter’s breasts are a part of her development and she needs support and understanding about how her body is changing. Changes to her body can almost happen overnight, and it is crucial to prepare her for it. This conversation may set the tone for the relationship your daughter has with her own body. How she is treated at a lingerie store can also have a huge ...


Have you been wearing the same bra size for years? If the answer is yes, then you have good company. Many of us have an idea of our bra size, but often we pick up the same bra size that we have always worn without taking into account body changes such as weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, menopause and various hormonal changes. In a recent survey of our customers, we discovered that 95% of women visiting Brava for the first time were wearing the wrong bra size. There is such a variation in sizes between ...

Freya Dreamcatcher Plunge Balcony Bra

For years bra shopping has been perceived as something forced upon you. A ritual that is usually put off for as long as possible, especially if you're blessed with a fuller bust. But things have changed and women who wear D+ cup finally have choice - we promise! We believe bra shopping can be enjoyable. Of course, a few nerves may be present, but once you’re in store with our experienced fitters, it’s nothing but fun and informative. Gone are the days of dread when only ‘granny’ bras were on offer. ...

Why do my bra straps fall down

Do your bra straps continually slip down? It's a common problem. Narrow or sloping shoulders can contribute, but there are a few other factors which may also explain it. And most of these relate to how well your bra fits. Read on to learn how to stop your bra straps from sliding down, once and for all. Adjust your bra straps Regularly washing and wearing your bras will eventually take its toll. The strap sliders will move after a while, so make sure you adjust the bra straps whenever you feel them loosen. Although it's your ...

Bra Shopping With Bigger Boobs

Customers constantly tell us how much they ‘hate bra shopping’ and that it’s their ‘worst nightmare finding a bra’. If you’re being fitted by mainstream lingerie and department stores, this can be your reality. Often your size isn’t stocked, making it tiresome. Here are our tips on what to focus on when bra shopping for a fuller bust. Acceptance We love body acceptance but sometimes to get to this point you need to understand that often it's the bra, not you that is making you feel unhappy about your body. If you have a ...

Corin Virgina Moulded Bra

Corin Virginia bra is one of our fitters’ favourites - it is perfect for everyday wear; it is form-fitting and ticks a lot of boxes! The Virginia Moulded Bra is ideal if you're looking for something to transition you from non-moulded to moulded bras. It creates a totally seamfree appearance under your clothes, thanks to the ultra-light 3D spacer foam which is a softer approach to moulded bras, allowing a softness that moulds itself to your bust.

Sizes Available

AUS 8 (UK 30) D - G cups AUS 10 (UK 32) D - GG ...

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