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Bra Myths

Why Do My Underwires Hurt Me

Let's get this straight - your bra should be like your best friend. If your best friend doesn't support you, pokes you constantly, and is just a general pain to be around, then you probably need a new best friend, and the same goes for your bra. Your friendly, everyday underwired bra should not be hurting you - at all!

So why do my underwires hurt me?

This could be for a number of reasons but most likely, the size, fit or style of your bra is probably not right for you. If your everyday ...


For many years, fuller-busted women had only one decision when it came to bra shopping… which colour minimiser bra to buy?  If your bra cup size is D or above, and you have only ever worn minimiser bras in an effort to make your breasts appear smaller, then your options have got a whole lot better! It’s the perfect time for you to visit a specialty large cup lingerie store and try something new. What is a minimiser bra? Designed to compress and spread your breasts across your ...


Absolutely not! If you are wearing the right bra for your shape, then you should hardly be able to feel that you are wearing a bra.

It's time to break up with your bra if:

You feel like ripping it off as soon as you get home You always hike your bra straps up to give you more lift The wire digs into your breast tissue Throughout the day you need to squash your boobs back into the cup

Here’s the boring, factual bit:

Bras are worn to support breasts made up of connective tissue, mammary glands ...


Using the term  'DD cup' excites the boys and frightens the girls, but mention you are a G cup in polite company and people will look at you in disbelief. Many women think they are D cup and always seek that size, but when they submit to a proper fitting, D isn't even close. At Brava it's not unusual to fit a woman who says she is 14D into a bra that is 10G - it happens all the time. She looks and feels much better, but is often shocked (and maybe ...


A tape measure is useful for measuring lengths, widths and even circular objects, but using a tape to measure a breast simply doesn't make sense. Mystery shopping, global research, listening, fitting schools and everything else we could find to educate us on bra fitting was our life before opening Brava Lingerie. The fitting schools we attended were run by the major suppliers and they all taught bra fitting using a tape measure and even in the classroom environment it was very rarely accurate. Measuring the bust using a ...