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We share our results only after the reviewed bra has been fitted on at least 10 willing women and has been appraised by 6 of our fitters, because no bra suits all shapes. Our bra reviews are distinctive because the knowledge and experience of our professional fitters is incorporated with feedback from our customers. Why? Because we find it unfortunate if a particular bra receives a poor appraisal in a review because it didn’t work for the person who writes the blog! Many of the blogs are fun, well written and trusted but that banished bra could be just perfect on you. We’ve also lost count of how often we have read raving reviews on bras that, once Brava tested, are rejected because they just don’t do the job for which they are designed.


Percentage of women this bra will work on:

Total Score:

4 to 5.5 out of 10
Perfect for a particular shape, however these bras will not suit the majority of our customers.
6.5 to 8 out of 10
Most of our bras will fall into this area, these are great for the majority of women who try them.
8.5 to 9 out of 10
A great choice as these bras rarely fail us.
10 out of 10
Hasn’t happened yet, and it most probably won’t as women’s shapes are so variable.

Ewa Michalak Bibi BM Bra

‘’I want something that lifts me up and pulls me in from the sides." Every bigger-busted woman’s dream is to get a lift and not have their breast tissue irritating their underarms. Many bras have side-slings which bring them facing forward but none have the extreme projection offered by an Ewa Michalak bra. The Ewa Michalak Bibi BM Bra is a non-moulded, fuller balconette style that still allows you to wear lower necklines, it lends itself well to scoop or square necklines. The delicate material is made sturdier by ...

Elomi Matilda Plunge Bra Review

Fuller-busted plunge bras are hard to come by, so the release of the Elomi Matilda bra was widely rejoiced by our customers and fitting team! Matilda is one of few Elomi bras that start in a size 10 back; from a 10GG up to a 22G, the Elomi Matilda bra has become a firm favourite for many women. Fuller-busted, but you want something that sits low without having a double-boob effect? The Elomi Matilda is made with gorgeous sheer fabric, yet it’s supportive and close to being a ...

Panache Anya Stripe Bandeau Tankini

Heading to the pool or the beach hasn't always been simple for those of us with a D cup & up bust. Popping along to the local department store and being able to pick something off the rack is the stuff of dreams. These days fuller-busted swimwear brands are offering a lot more to cater for curvy D+ cup women, with on-trend designs and stunning patterns... but if you can't go past classic black swimwear, you need to meet the Anya range! The Panache Anya swimwear range is one of the bestsellers ...

Fantasie Smoothing Moulded Strapless Bra

We're heading into the warmer weather here in the southern hemisphere, so it's time for parties, spring racing carnival outfits, wedding and bridesmaid dresses, and spaghetti straps! The Fantasie Smoothing Moulded Strapless Bra is one of the best D Cup & Up strapless bras available today, and has been a bestseller at Brava for many years thanks to its reliability. The Fantasie Smoothing Moulded Strapless Bra is a solid option that many find comfortable enough to wear for a whole day, ...

Ulla Kate Underwired Sports Bra

The Ulla Kate Underwired Sports Bra is a feat of larger cup lingerie engineering. This bra can defy gravity in the larger cup sizes with its incredible lift and support, not to mention its high level of comfort. Every now and again, we can try up to 20 bras on someone and nothing but the Ulla Kate Underwired Sports Bra will fit perfectly. The straps are comfortable and sit well on the shoulders, the band is wide and doesn't roll or dig ...

Panache Sophie Nursing Bra

The Panache Sophie Nursing Bra is one of our bestselling maternity styles at Brava. It ticks so many boxes that D Cup & Up mums and mums-to-be are looking for - it's comfortable, it's pretty, and it will give you the everyday support that you need!

Sizes Available

AUS 8 - 18 (UK30 - 40) D- J cups

Colours Available

Black and linen are ongoing and available all year round.

Best Features

The most striking feature of this pretty nursing bra is the vintage style lace. So many D cup & up ...

Freya Fancies Longline Bra

For years, we've swooned over Freya Lingerie's brilliant longline bra creations. We've covered previously on the Bra Fitter why we think that longline bras are the bees knees, and that every D Cup & Up woman should own one. However, they were often difficult to find as Freya would only bring out these fantastic longlines in their seasonal fashion ranges. Finally, after years of waiting, they have added the Freya Fancies Longline Bra to their ongoing range, and we ...

Elomi Cate Full Cup Bra

The Elomi Cate Full Cup Bra is the new and improved version of Brava's favourite Elomi Caitlyn Side Support Bra. The update features a chic modern flair to the embroidery, ribbed detailing to the straps, and improved fit underneath the arm! We've taken a close look at the improvements in the new style for our Caitlyn connoisseurs.

Sizes Available

AUS 12 - 14 (UK 34 - 36) E - K cups AUS 16 - 20 (UK 38 - 42) DD - K cups AUS 22 (UK 44) DD ...

Prima Donna Couture Full Cup Bra

The Prima Donna Couture Full Cup Bra is a Brava bestseller. The beautiful lace combined with the easy fit of the stretch lace cup makes it a winner. Sometimes difficult to attain that combination of practical and alluring, the Couture is one of the most popular bras thanks to its great shape, look and support, and most women who try it in our fitting rooms or at home after buying online will love it and want to keep it!

Sizes Available

AUS 8 - 22 (UK 30 - 44) ...

Panache Andorra Full Cup Bra

The Panache Andorra Full Cup Bra has been at Brava for many, many years. While we've grown tired of some styles and retired them, Andorra is still a favourite with our fitters and customers, and for a good reason.

Sizes Available

AUS 6 - 18 (UK 28 - 40) D - J cups

Colours Available

Black, White and Pearl are available year round, with seasonal colours frequently available.

Best Features

The main reason that we love fitting this bra is the stretch lace at the top of the ...

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