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A phrase we often hear when fitting a woman into a sports bra is ‘I know I don’t look like I work out’. What does fit and healthy look like? It’s saddening that many women do not participate in healthy activity because they are uncomfortable with their bodies and feel exposed with a bigger bust. In a recent survey, 55% of Brava customers surveyed said their breast size has prevented them from participating in sport*. This is a confronting response when you consider the adverse effects on your health and fitness. The ...

Underwire poking out

If you find underwired bras uncomfortable, you're not alone. At Brava, we know the reason behind an uncomfortable wire is usually the wrong bra size or style for your shape, so we will ask you to try a few we recommend as its most often a fit issue that can be corrected. After this, if you're still uncomfortable we’ll happily bring you a wire-free. If you've been avoiding underwire for years, read on to find out why that small piece of wire could actually be your friend (not your enemy)! The ...

Freya Sundance Sweetheart Bikini

 Well, summer is here and our fabulous beaches beckon! How comfortable do you feel in your swimwear?  At Brava we can’t help noticing that most women focus on the parts of their bodies they don’t like, which are usually invisible to everybody else. Your body image is a reflection of how you perceive, think and feel about your body. This often has no bearing at all on your actual appearance. It is common for women to believe they are larger than they really are. It’s no secret that all women feel more ...

Panache Sports Bra

It’s best not to. When you run, your breasts can move up to 8 inches if not supported properly! Breast bounce during exercise can stretch supportive ligaments, causing your breasts to sag and possibly leading to back pain and discomfort. A good sports bra is engineered to support you much better than a regular bra, but most importantly it will give you the comfort and confidence to push harder for longer. With the range of sports bras available in D-K cup sizes nowadays, there are no more excuses! What's the best way ...


Almost 9 out of 10 girls aged 13-14 are failing to meet the recommended amount of exercise, according to the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation, and for many of them the reason boils down to one easily-solvable problem – their bra. A study published in The Journal of Adolescent Health found that almost half of 11-18 year old girls – and almost two-thirds of those who wore a D+ cup size – said that their breasts had some sort of impact on their participation in sport and exercise. For ...

Asymmetrical breasts

Did you know that over 50% of women have different size breasts? Surprisingly common, breast size asymmetry is the term used to describe when your breasts are different in volume, shape or position. The truth is breast asymmetry is so common that even popular celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence and Keira Knightley have opened up about their own uneven breasts. After all, your breasts are sisters not twins! Typically, women find that the asymmetry is more noticeable during puberty and it evens out during development. Why is one of my boobs bigger ...

Why Do My Underwires Hurt Me

Let's get this straight - your bra should be like your best friend. If your best friend doesn't support you, pokes you constantly, and is just a general pain to be around, then you probably need a new best friend, and the same goes for your bra. Your friendly, everyday underwired bra should not be hurting you - at all!

So why do my underwires hurt me?

This could be for a number of reasons but most likely, the size, fit or style of your bra is probably not right for you. If your everyday ...

Lingerie drawer

As the foundation of any great outfit, your choice of lingerie is very important in helping you feel and look fabulous. But how many different types of bras do you really need? And, more importantly, how many bras do you own that have been sitting unused and unloved for months (or years)? According to a survey done by Rigby & Peller, the average women owns (drum-roll, please)... eight bras. But we think those survey participants may have hidden a few; our guess would be closer to 20 bras (Note: I ...

Cake Lingerie Ginger Macaroon Flexiwire Nursing Bra

In short, the answer is yes. Are you hearing conflicting advice? Like many aspects of pregnancy and parenthood, there are millions of opinions out there about what you should or shouldn't wear, eat, and do when pregnant or breastfeeding... so who do you listen to? The answer is YOU.  Like all decisions regarding your pregnancy and baby, it’s important to educate yourself to help you to make informed choices. And then decide what is best for you. Brava has fitted 1000’s of women and in a nutshell our advice is this: ...

Maxine & Lin Windram

What we've learnt… We’ve dipped our toes in and blogged before, but now we are excited to reveal our new, bold and beautiful blog. Knowledge, practice and experience (enhanced with your feedback) are what we have gained, harvested through working with women daily. The learning is constant because every woman and every body is different. Our Brava fitters are highly experienced and passionate about helping women, and we have some great blog posts lined up for you in 2015. But this is where YOU come in! Tell us what you’d like us to ...

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