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How to choose a maternity sports bra

I’m pregnant, when will I need a maternity bra? Pregnancy often results in breast growth along with many other changes. Sometimes just one cup size bigger and often 2-3 cups, your rib cage will also expand so you’re likely to need not only a bigger cup size, but also the band size. Although all of your growing is likely to be done by week 16, there may be a number of changes along the way, and then when your milk comes in you will become fuller until it settles. The right ...

Freya Pure Moulded Nursing Bra

The Freya Pure Moulded Nursing Bra is one of the best and most comfortable flexiwire maternity bras available for D cup and up women. It's comfortable, reliable, plain, easy to wear with T-shirts, and we regularly receive rave reviews from our customers. The shape is similar to a popular everyday style by Freya's sister brand, the Fantasie Rebecca Moulded Bra, with its super smooth and seamfree support, but with the addition of the A-frame structure and clips for breastfeeding.

Sizes Available

AUS 8 - 12 (UK 30 - ...

Cake Lingerie Ginger Macaroon Flexiwire Nursing Bra

In short, the answer is yes. Are you hearing conflicting advice? Like many aspects of pregnancy and parenthood, there are millions of opinions out there about what you should or shouldn't wear, eat, and do when pregnant or breastfeeding... so who do you listen to? The answer is YOU.  Like all decisions regarding your pregnancy and baby, it’s important to educate yourself to help you to make informed choices. And then decide what is best for you. Brava has fitted 1000’s of women and in a nutshell our advice is this: ...


Pregnancy usually means your breasts will grow and change shape. It may be a little, it may be a lot, but either way you will become heavier as the tissue stretches to accommodate the new you. Don’t continue to wear the wrong size bra and risk your breasts losing their shape. This causes fatigue and discomfort to your shoulders, neck and back. Get a professional bra fitting to ensure you get the support you need at this very important time in your life. Most women will go up at least one ...