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D cup or DD cup? This one’s for you…

There is a big myth out there in the big, wide world that “DD cup is huge” which we previously blogged about here. Truth be told, D and DD cup sizes are very common and recent research has even concluded that DD cup is the new C cup.

The phrase “DD cup” is enough to boggle the minds of some people, the result of years of inadequate sizing by bra manufacturers, and a lack of bra fitting education. For a long time, DD cup was the largest bra cup size made so people perceived it to be very big (yes, ginormous!). During these dark times, many women squeezed their breasts into a DD cup bra with a back band too big for them, resulting in their body shape being distorted – the cups weren’t smooth and the comfort factor was non-existent. Today, up to 40% of Australian women wear a DD cup size or larger, and the reasons for the increase in women’s breast sizes has been discussed and attributed to many possible causes (which you can learn all about on our friend Google).

But that was then and this is now… our bra fitters meet women every day who have been wearing D or DD cup bras for years, but once they’ve been expertly fitted they discover they’re closer to a G cup. It’s not unusual to fit a woman who says she is 14D into a bra that is 10G – it happens all the time. She looks and feels better, more uplifted and usually slimmer… but is often shocked at the size on the label.

If you have recently been professionally fitted into a D or DD cup size bra, we’ve listed below some of our favourite bras you might like to try. But if you’re wearing a D cup or DD cup size bra that doesn’t feel quite right – or you want to rip it off as soon as you get home –then we recommend you visit a lingerie store that specializes in larger cup sizes for a fitting.

Sexy & Special D & DD cup bras:

Curvy Kate Tease Me Balconette Bra

Curvy Kate Tease Me Balconette Bra

Le Mystere Isabella Half Cup Bra

Le Mystere Isabella Half Cup Bra

D cup & DD cup bras for everyday wear:

D & DD cup strapless or multi-way bras:

Panache Porcelain Multiway Bra

Panache Porcelain Multiway Bra

Do you wear D or DD cup bras? Got a fitting experience or favourite bra you’d like to share? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

2 Responses to "D cup or DD cup? This one’s for you…"

  1. Daniela says:

    I’m someone who was wearing 36Bs or 38Cs because my sister used to buy the same size she used to wear, cuz looked “like if it would fit me”; I discovered about a month ago that I am a D cup, because decided to measure everything to craft a cupped corset (Got a cyst removed from one of my breasts and to wear not fitting corsets would make the pain worse). My Mom hellped me to take the measurements and then I asked my doctor if she could confirm. Then, yes… I am a 40D. Here in my country it is really hard to find D cups. Found only one that would fit me perfectly at the store where I buy my lingerie.
    To use the wrong size on your “girls” it is not a smart thing to do… Believe me. The doctor says that this may help to develop cysts too… If it is true, who knows =P.

  2. Danielle says:

    I think this article is about moi…. And the Prima Donna bra above that Brava fitted me in is my absolute favourite bra ever. Was 16D now 12F, looking and feeling so good.

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