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Dear Mum, when was the last time you had a bra fitting?

by Brava Staff Team on May 02, 2015 in Bra Fitting

At this time of year, we’re reminded to give a special shout out to our Mums. The ones who support us, encourage us, and occasionally remind us who we are.

We’re blessed with the opportunity to work with so many wonderful women at Brava – mothers, aunties, grandmothers, step mums, daughters and sisters. And we know how much the support of a good woman can mean when you really need it. Not unlike the support of a good bra! So this Mother’s Day, wherever you are on the journey of parenthood… we thank you.

To the Mums who are at the beginning of their journey, with a belly full of new life and hopes.

To the Mums who are tired, juggling a million balls (occasionally dropping some) and wondering when they’ll have some me-time again.

To the Mums who are happy, grateful and full of wonder for their child’s personality and energy.

To the Mums who are reeling in happiness in the newfound joy of their grandchildren.

Happy Mother's DayFrom the moment you first look into your mother’s eyes, you have a lifelong fan. Someone in your corner. But often Mums put their own needs last (somewhere after remembering to feed the dog and water the plants!). We often meet Mums who haven’t had a bra fitting in years, and sometimes they’ve been wearing the same bra size for decades. When these women feel the difference that a well-fitted bra can make to their confidence, and their waistline, they often wish they’d come in earlier!

If you’re that Mum, who hasn’t had time to do something for herself for weeks or months, who is wearing bras that dig in, fall down or are just plain uncomfortable… maybe it’s time to treat yourself to some support?

Flowers are nice. And home-made cakes are good too. But if you think it’s been a while since your Mum had a bra fitting, give her a truly uplifting gift this Mother’s Day and bring her in to Brava.

Or give her a gift voucher so she can discover her perfect fit and bra style in her own time. She really does deserve it!

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