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Finding swimwear that is perfectly you!

by Maxine on January 24, 2012 in Bra Fitting, Breast Health, Cup Sized Swimwear

Well, summer is here and our fabulous beaches beckon! How comfortable do you feel in your swimwear? Soprano by Hoola

At Brava we can’t help noticing that most women focus on the parts of their bodies they don’t like, which are usually invisible to everybody else. Your body image is a reflection of how you perceive, think and feel about your body. This often has no bearing at all on your actual appearance. It is common in Western nations for women to believe they are larger and fatter than they really are.

It’s no secret that all women feel more confident and relaxed when their swimwear fits well and flatters their shape. If you’ve never tried swimwear with cup-sized support, you are in for a wonderful surprise! All of the styles at Brava offer cup-sized support – including one-piece swimsuits, tankinis and bikinis. Offering incredible support and shape, your confidence will lift, your shoulders will relax and your head will be held high!

One-piece swimsuits are designed to enhance the figure and raise confidence. There are some amazing designs from Miraclesuit that are true to their advertising ‘Lose 10lbs in 10 seconds’ – they flatter, make you look slimmer and are incredibly elegant. One-piece swimsuits don’t have to be boring – a great one-piece with a plunging neckline can be drop-dead sexy!  We have a range of gorgeous, fun and flirty designs from brands such as Fantasie, Baku and Panache in D-GG cup sizes.

Our tips:

  • Look for a suit with gathered fabric at the waist or tummy area; it will create a flattering division between your bust and hips.
  • Solid colours with some interesting details will flatter your curves if you would like to minimise your shape.
  • A high-cut leg will accentuate the natural curves of your hips.

Tankinis are a fantastic solution because they have the convenience of a bikini without the exposure.  If you’re not quite confident enough to wear a bikini, the tankini is your new best friend. Offering extra coverage of the tummy area, some have soft ruching and contrasting panels that smartly divert the eye and you can also mix and match the bottoms you wear. Brava stocks a wide range of stylish tankinis from popular brands like Freya, Fantasie, Baku, Panache and more in D-J cup sizes.

The answer for mums who want to look good while chasing their toddlers on the beach is a tankini as it beautifully covers the bits of their body that are changing. They feel supported and look amazing without the restrictions of a one piece.

Our tips:

  • Pair a bright coloured or patterned tankini top with a solid colour bottom. This is particularly good for women who are pear-shaped as it draws the eye upward.
  • Look for a flattering tankini with a halter top, like Pier by Freya, or for those seeking more structure and support Panache and Fantasie have designed tankinis up to H cup.

If you’re comfortable in a Bikini, there’s a myriad of beautiful styles and brilliant colours, some now go right up to J Cup. For inspiration, have a look at the current styles on our website from Hoola, Miss Mandalay, Freya and Panache. With cup sizes ranging from D-J cup, we’re sure to have something perfect for you.

Our tips:

  • Halter styles offer lift and support, whilst also giving the appearance of a lengthened torso. Have a look at Soprano by Hoola.
  • Styles which tie around the neck offer you the ability to adjust your fit and give extra lift when needed.  For the women who find halter necks uncomfortable, the fuller cup style is designed to support with shoulder straps that are fully adjustable.
  • If you’re pear-shaped, try matching an eye-catching bikini top with a solid colour bottom.

If we can learn to accept ourselves as we are, and see that valuable time is passing us by while we fret about things we cannot change, we can then focus on all the things we are blessed with. A lovely smile is a great start; we agree with the unknown author who said, “I’ve never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful”.

Don’t just sit there on the sand or by the pool, get out there and enjoy yourself this summer!

P.S. We’re now open at Australia on Collins in the city, as well as our Prahran store! Visit us and get the expert fitting advice of our lovely team members.

3 Responses to "Finding swimwear that is perfectly you!"

  1. Nerida (Sydney) says:

    Didnt think I would find swimwear that is perfectly me, especially not in April. I was in Melbourne for the comedy festival and discovered Brava at Australia on Collins. I actually found bathers from Freya that I love and I feel great. Thank you for helping me and for stocking such awesome bras and bathers in GG cups. Cant wait to return:)

  2. Esme says:

    Thank you guys

    I wish I had known how good a tankini can be. Bikinis are a distant memory now Im a mum.

    The Fantasie tankini I bought from Brava last week hides the jiggly bits but is very flattering. Loving looking young and feeling confident because pregnancy can make you feel sooo unsexy. The new city store is fabulous, but Prahran is great for me and always a lovely environment. Esme

    • The Bra Fitter says:

      Hi Esme,
      Yes, I think we are all grateful for the tankini, especially the ones with ruching. So many women miss out on a lot of fun in the water because they feel uncomfortable in swimwear, so its great to be able to find one that works. Thanks for your comments. Maxine

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