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Myth No.2 – DD cup is huge

Using the term  ‘DD cup’ excites the boys and frightens the girls. But mention you are a G cup in polite company and people will look at you in disbelief.

These women have been fitted into D & DD cup bras in various back sizes. Do they look huge? No. This is what real D & DD cups actually look like.

Many women think they are D cup and always seek that size. But when they submit to a proper fitting, D cup isn’t even close.

At Brava, it’s not unusual to fit a woman who says she is 14D into a 10G bra. It happens all the time! Afterwards, she looks and feels much better but is often shocked (and maybe in denial) about her correct bra size. In fact, sometimes we don’t tell her. Isn’t it all about how she looks and feels, rather than the numbers on the label? We’ve seen women who refuse to wear the correct bra size and continue to squeeze themselves into D cup… maybe this is a new phobia, a fear of wearing D+ cups. ‘Deecupphobia’!

Kim KardashianWhy do so many people perceive DD cup as being huge?

Contributing to the confusion are images of celebs like Kim Kardashian with reports of her being 34DD (12DD). Kim has a tiny frame with full breasts, and we think she is more likely to be a 30H (8H).  The size 34 (12) band has nothing to do with the size of her breasts. Does her rib-cage look like a size 12, and would she wear sized 12 clothes? Definitely not. She looks like an Australian size 8-10 to us.  This is just one of the reasons people see DD as so big.

Many images of women with larger cups found online are hideous and designed to tantalise morons. If you look around at your colleagues and family, many of the women will be bigger than D cup. But chances are they are wearing a badly fitting D cup that makes their breasts look bigger and their grooming a tad scruffy.


What leads to so much bra size confusion?

The cause of this phenomena no longer exists.  For a long time DD cup was the largest cup size made and people perceived this size as very big. Many women wore DD in a bra that had a band much too big for them; it rose up at the back, the cups weren’t smooth, the shape was distorted, the support was totally inadequate, and the comfort level was abysmal.  In those dark days, there were no other options unless you could afford to have bras made for you, or you took a chance on having them altered.

There are no excuses now.

Innovative lingerie manufacturers are designing fabulous D+ cup bras that are supportive, beautiful, high quality and affordable.  The size range won’t be in all lingerie shops and department stores, for a variety of reasons, but the really good specialist shops have the finest of them. Working with many large cup lingerie brands and ranges from around the globe, they test them on themselves and their customers, they review them, decline many and only stock those that do a sublime job of supporting women.

Ewa Michalak Lingerie

Ewa Michalak lingerie in up to a K cup; with beautiful, sexy and fun designs.

We shouldn’t be telling you all about the sizing issue without providing some explanation of how bra sizes actually work, to give a better understanding why a D cup is not necessarily a big cup size. Did you know:
  • D cup on a size 10 band (10D) is 3 times smaller than a D cup on a size 16 band (16D). The equivalent size of a 10D cup in a 16 band would be 16A.
  • A 12G cup is the same size cup as a 20DD
  • An 8J cup is equal to a 14GG.
  • Generally, D cup augmented breasts are measured from a 16D mass. So on a size 10 frame it will look more like an F cup, since most surgeons do not take into account the band size of a bra (resulting in a huge misconception). So when you see these very busty size 10 ‘D’ cup girls post augmentation they probably have equal  to a bra sized F cup on their chest.

Curvy Kate models wearing G-HH cup sizes

Confused?  The D cup changes in size along with the band size.

If you have been wearing a 12DD and we fit you into an 8F, it doesn’t mean your bust size is bigger. It simply means you have been wearing a band that is far too big for your frame. But sometimes all a woman can see is that letter ‘F’ and for her that stands for freak… but we see ‘F’ for fabulous.  Still confused? Ask us a question by commenting below.

Note: This post was originally published in June 2011 and has been updated with the latest information in January 2018.

60 Responses to "Myth No.2 – DD cup is huge"

  1. Lilly says:

    Wow. Thanks for this. I’m 185cm tall and I wear a size 8 top. My breasts are teeny tiny and no-one has ever fitted me correctly saying sorry we don’t have your size. I since tried on a 10d padded bra and while it gapes at the top, I’ve never felt such comfort as the wire goes right to the side where my boobs start. Prior to this bra, I was constantly moving parts of my body to adjust the discomfort. So, do you think there is a size to fit me?

    • Maxine Windram says:

      Hi Lilly, thanks for your comments. It sounds like you have a slim frame if you wear size 8 tops. It is more likely you are a size 8 band or possibly a 6. Remember the cup size decreases with the band. As a starting point I suggest you try an 8D and if the cup is too small try an 8DD. These are the sizes I suggest you start with. 10D, 8D/DD. If you are not close to a Brava store, you may need to do some research of stores near you as often they do not carry the smaller back sizes with is unfortunate. I hope this helps, please feel free to call our fitting team on 1300 4 BRAVA if you need more help.

  2. Linda fisher says:

    Hi. I UK im a 36ff. Now Im in Australia….I just cant find anything that fits! Whats the equivelent of 36ff please???!!!!!!

  3. Tina says:

    I currently have expanders due to a double mastectomy I had recently. I have been filling them slowly and now I am at about 625cc. I went to get measured and they said I’m approximately a 34 DD. I am a tall girl 5′-10″, 160lbs. I didn’t think they looked too big but I’m starting to rethink it. My surgery is coming up in a couple of weeks and my doctor said she typically will put in a 675cc plus add fat graphing to make them look more natural. I’m worried that it will look too big once I’m done and I will have more back or shoulder pain. Is there an average size that would look good on a woman my size?

    • Maxine Windram says:

      Hi Tina, There isn’t an average size that we could recommend but we feel that 34 DD or E cup on a taller frame is proportional and not too large. For more accurate advice, we recommend that you visit one of our stores if you can ( If you’re not close to a Brava store, a professional bra fitter local to you who specialises in larger cup sizes should be able to give you some guidance. Good luck with your surgery.

  4. Bec says:

    Can anyone tell me why the hell they still have DD instead of going straight to E, and other randoms, like GG, HH, FF. Just go up One at a time, by making some random letters double, it doesn’t make you think your smaller, just annoys everyone!

    • Maxine Windram says:

      Hi Bec, Great question! It frustrates us too – especially when it comes to suggesting the right size bra. Unfortunately there is not a global sizing system when it comes to bras, so each country has its own system. Interesting though that many years ago when companies decided to go beyond a D cup the research told them that women didn’t want to “appear too big” and that women would buy a DD before they would buy an E because it sounds smaller. Maybe times have changed and more research needs to be done?

  5. Carly says:

    I’m so confused right now lol.
    I’m currently breastfeeding and my bust has obviously increased.
    I’ve just tried a 12F! But the cup size isn’t quite big enough. I can’t seem to find many more maternity or even normal bras that are 12G.. what would be an equivalent size if I had to go up or down a band size??

    • Kylie says:

      Check out Cake Lingerie.
      They are heaven for larger cup sizes when nursing etc

    • Maxine Windram says:

      Hi Carly, thanks for your message. Bra sizing can get very confusing, but we can definitely point you in the right direction! We offer maternity/nursing bras that go right up to K cup, so you may find something suitable in 12G here: But we can offer you more guidance if you contact our online fitting team at customerservice @ as we can then help you select the best size depending on how much your size might be fluctuating whilst you’re breastfeeding. Hope this helps!

  6. Casey says:

    I’m 19 in a few days and I’m a 10L. I was a late starter to get boobs as I was a national athlete, training every day. In the last 11 months, I’ve gone from a 10C to an L!! I’m struggling to find bras that fit me! Surely there is somewhere I can buy decent bras from? Size 12s do not fit me as they are too large around the shoulders and rib cage. I’m nearly out of an L cup and haven’t found any bigger bras! Where do I go from here? I can’t afford a breast reduction yet!!

    • Keysa says:

      Don’t ever get a breast reduction! Look at what Drew Barrymore said about how much she regrets it. Your future husband will enjoy being with you more:)

    • Taleya says:

      Brava. Cannot recommend enough. I’m a 10i and have zero problems finding a huge range there

    • The Bra-Fitters says:

      Hi there Casey! Quick question, are you using the Australian cup sizing or European cup sizing? The European L cup is equivalent to the Australian JJ and you can find plenty of great bras from us at For the Australian sizing, there aren’t many brands around that produce cup sizes an L cup or larger in smaller band sizes unfortunately. I would recommend taking a look at Ewa Michalak’s website ( – they currently produce bras up to a LL cup and we find them a great fit, especially in the larger cup/smaller band combinations. I hope that helps!

  7. Keiarn says:

    So I’m 16, and I was just fitted today, before hand I thought I was a 10E and now I’m actually a 10G, what are the size differences and what are some good shops to shop at in nsw Newcastle and hunter region area?

    • The Bra-Fitters says:

      Its great you have been fitted correctly now. The difference between 10E to 10G is 3 cup sizes – which happens often when you’re re-fitted. I imagine it feels much better? Our stores are in Melbourne, so we don’t know what is available in your area, but you may like to shop online at

  8. Rikiardio says:

    Which Bra size is bigger 10e or 14d?

    • The Bra-Fitters says:

      Hi Rikiardio! The 10E and the 14D are actually the same size in the cup! This is due to the grading difference in the band size – so while the cup sizes will be the same, the 14D will be longer in the band than the 10E. I hope this helps!

  9. Molly says:

    I’m a 14E but I feel like it doesn’t fit properly in all the right places but never really get good advice from anyone else, please help.

    • The Bra-Fitters says:

      Hi Molly,
      I’m so sorry to hear that your bra doesn’t feel like it’s fitting properly. If you’re in Melbourne, I would definitely recommend that you come into one of our Brava stores to be fitted correctly. If you can’t make it in, we have heaps of fitting guides that you can look at . Many stores will not stock bras with cup sizes larger than a DD or E – unfortunately these stores will often give you a bra that is too big in the back in order to make the cups fit which usually is pretty uncomfortable! The most likely problem that you’re experiencing is that the back band is too big; if possible, try a size 12 bra with an F or FF cup and see if that makes a difference. Best of luck! – Kellie

  10. Olivia says:

    I’m 14 and I wear a size 36ddd in Victoria secret. Is this considered big and are Victoria secrets sizes different?

    • The Bra-Fitters says:

      Hi Olivia,
      Thanks for your comment. We get many people your age in our stores being fit for bras that wear anything from a D cup to a K cup. Every size is normal, so wearing a 36DDD is not unusual at all! Victoria’s Secret sizing I believe is a little bit smaller in the cup than other brands I believe. I hope this helps! – Kellie

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