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Myth No.3 – A Minimiser bra will make me look smaller

Well fitted braFor years, fuller busted women have been told to minimise, minimise, minimise and lingerie manufacturers have created minimiser-type bras to help them achieve this.  A minimiser bra is designed to compress and spread your breasts across your chest to reduce the forward projection. This, they say, will make you look smaller and help you to do up your shirt button.

News flash! In what world is it more flattering to squash and spread your bust to the outside of your torso? Who really wants to look like a shapeless barrel?

We can usually spot a woman wearing a minimiser bra because you cannot see her shape. If her bust were lifted there would be a clear distinction between her bust and waist. A woman who wears size 14 clothes may need a size 10 or 12 bra band, which is one of the many reasons why the bra size is so often wrong …but that’s a whole other blog!

If you want your bust to look smaller and your body to appear slimmer, then you need to lift and separate your bust to reveal your shape. We are forever hearing the Trinny & Susannah’s of this world talk about making the most of your attributes and this includes your bust. Lifting your bust is one of the most effective ways to do this, and once you feel good in your bra your whole posture improves.

Now you may think this is an exaggeration but at Brava we repeatedly hear comments from returning customers like this: “People kept commenting on how much weight I had lost”. These customers had simply been fitted well and in a bra that suited their shape. Fit is crucial. If you haven’t been professionally fitted there’s a 90% chance that your bra is the wrong size and making you look bigger than you are.

We know many of our readers are from interstate and overseas and may not be able to visit Brava for a fitting, but we suggest that wherever you go to shop always ensure there is a decent range of D cup & above styles. If all that’s on offer are local brands such as Berlei, Fayreform and Triumph then this may not be the best store for you. Look out for the Freya, Fantasie, Panache, Prima Donna & Elomi brands that focus on and deliver high quality, larger cupped bras.

Try to find out the store’s quieter times so you have a fitter dedicated to you because it’s no fun being left in a fitting room half naked, with no help!

9 Responses to "Myth No.3 – A Minimiser bra will make me look smaller"

  1. Joycee says:

    I disagree. I am an Australian size 12FF/12G and minimiser bras are the only style that I wear because they give me a great curvy shape. They don’t squash me and they are super comfortable and supportive. I also have quite ‘wide’ breasts, so balconette styles and moulded cups don’t suit me. They seem to just push my boobs up into my chin lol and don’t give me the same hourglass shape that minimisers help me achieve.

    • Heather Garnham says:

      I agree Joycee, I need a full coverage supportive bra, otherwise I’m all over the place. In a minimiser I feel comfortable, supported and the make my boob’s look great too.

    • Maxine Windram says:

      Hi Joycee, Although we have found in most cases that a minimiser bra isn’t the solution for many women, everyone is different and we agree that some women do really like minimiser bras. Its great it works for you, its so important to find a comfy bra.

  2. Gina vincent says:

    I love minimisers, only bra I can wear because I’m a 12E Aus size & other bras just don’t do anything for me I have tried a lot of different ones, I have to disagree with what everyone is saying most comfortable bra & they don’t make me look a curvy girl & they show my figure just right .

    • summerstorms says:

      I agree Gina. I’m a DD and feel that minimisers (Triumph everyday/jacquard one) give me the best shape especially under clothes. Otherwise, I tend to weird and disproportionate with my girls sticking out so far, I am also five foot zero and size 10-12.

    • The Bra-Fitters says:

      Hi Gina, thanks for your comment! It’s great to hear that you’ve found a minimiser style that you love. There’s not one bra style that suits everyone as we’re all different, so if you’ve found one that you love and that you feel fabulous in, then that’s a wonderful thing 🙂

  3. Louise May says:

    I quite agree you do not want to squash your boobs, apart from not being good for you it is uncomfortable.
    You must wear a good fitting in the correct size will make your bust look good therefore smaller.
    It is the same as wearing clothes that are tight, you will bulge all over the place.

  4. Cassie C says:

    A department store offered me a minimizer and I laughed. Its a nanna bra and Im 19. Mum wouldnt wear it, my nan used to wear it but not now. I love Freya and Curvy Kate, mum and nan wear Chantelle. Luv your work.

  5. Elaine Moore says:

    Minimisers squash the breast and look hideous. Not only do they create an ugly shape but the centre wires stick out so badly that my man could feel the wire when we hugged. The size I had worn for years was totally wrong when I got fitted. Thriled to go from 16DD to 14F and look so much slimmer. Bin the minimiser.
    Great blog!

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