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Showbusiness comes to Brava

by Maxine on August 06, 2011 in D Cup and Up Lingerie, Bra Fitting

The names have been omitted to protect the curvy

A galaxy of TV stars glittered at The Logies in low cut numbers supported by stunning lingerie from Brava. We loved the music show host, the singer and the comedienne who all looked so beautiful and sleek (and we knew why). The singer found the dress of her dreams. She thought that somehow, someway, this dress was made just for her. It was perfect… until she realised that it will require a strapless bra. Phew – at Brava she discovered the Panache plunge strapless bra that kept her bustline as high as her spirits.

Spinning around the floor at Dancing with the Stars was a costume that featured the Le Mystere Soiree Strapless Bra from Brava that was miraculously reconstructed by the talented and creative wardrobe designer.

In her first starring role a budding actress was uplifted by a Freya Deco Moulded Plunge Bra at the same time as the performance of two dancers were enhanced by being beautifully supported by a Panache Tiffany basque and Fantasie Smoothing Moulded Bra from their favourite store, Brava.

A black Ava bra from Fantasie was centre stage when the intrepid lead actor appeared in her lingerie for a local theatre company performance recently.

TV weather people need to be poised and comfortable while warning us of precipitation, floods and droughts. Thats easy in the uplifting smooth Basic Invisible Chantelle bra that shows no lines or nipples – beautifully fitted at Brava.

Which shapely TV starlet has a choice of bras purchased for her at Brava by her understanding costume department?

Hugging and consoling her family, the matriarch in a leading family drama has enough stress without worrying about her underwear. Luckily she is relaxed, comfortable and contained in Panache Tango from Brava.

We provide compassionate, expert assistance to help women feel great about themselves. Famous or not we promise that your lingerie secrets are safe with us. We want all women to leave here uplifted, confident and smiling.

So what would Brava fit these curvy celebrities into?

Nigella Lawson

Masquerade Tiffany

Nijella loves low neck dresses and looks wonderful and vibrant in stunning reds. Under this outfit we would love to offer her the Tiffany basque from Masquerade in 14G. It’s smooth, slimming and can be worn strapless.

Christina Hendricks

Elomi Strapless

Embracing her curves, the Madmen actor dresses to kill. For a strapless bra to fit women who recognise their gifts and are not afraid to acknowledge them you can’t go past the Elomi smoothing strapless bra – we think 12GG would be perfect for Christina.

Samantha Armitage

Fantasie Moulded

Samantha owns the newsdesk at Channel 7. Less conservative than some of her colleagues, she wears clothes that suit her womanly shape and looks great in low necks and figure hugging dresses. The Fantasie Smoothing Moulded in 14F would provide a smoother look and great uplift.

Le Mystere Francesca

Le Mystere Francesca

Kate Winslet’s weight fluctuates and she has been outspoken about her refusal to allow Hollywood to dictate her size, maintaining that women should accept their appearance with pride. At the time of this photo shes around a 12D and the Franscesca from Le Mystere would work well with this v-neckline.

Many special occasion outfits require a certain style of bra. We recommend you bring your dress with you to Brava so we can help you to find the style and shape that works best for you and your fantastic new look.

2 Responses to "Showbusiness comes to Brava"

  1. The other Jennifer says:

    Loved the celebrity photos and insightful commentary. Hope we see more in the lead up to the Spring Racing Carnival. Im picking lots of strapless and colour blocking. Are we over the pastels yet? I hope so.

    The awesome basque you selected for Nigella comes in my size (10G) and would look stunning under my new black dress, cant wait ro try it on when I will be in Brava next week trying on bathers, does everyone hate doing that? I love the Freya Pier in black. I am trying to get into colour but black is so cool (and so Melbourne) at least it has white spots!

  2. Star gazer says:

    So the local performers have the same issues as the rest of us, they want uplift, they want a smooth look and they want to feel great – Im kind of guessing who they all are. I found the perfect strapless bra at Brava for my formal, but finding the right shoes was harder for me.

    I loved the recommendations for celebrities and hope we can see more of that.
    Thanks for another great post.

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