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Swimwear trends for 2013… what’s your swimwear style?

by Brava Staff Team on November 06, 2013 in Cup Sized Swimwear


With summer on the horizon, now is the perfect time to go swimwear shopping as the newest styles arrive in stores. Whether you plan to strut your stuff on a tropical island getaway, or to relax by the pool or a beach at home, it’s helpful to know which swimwear trends will suit your individual style and shape. And can help avoid any post-shopping regret! After all, you want to look great but more importantly you should feel fabulous too.

It’s no secret that women feel more confident and relaxed when their swimwear fits well and flatters their shape. If you’ve never tried cup-sized swimwear with in-built bra support before, you are in for a life-changing treat! While classic swimwear styles will never go out of fashion, if you’d like to embrace some of the new trends for 2013 then read on to find out what’s in store for this summer…


Our recommendations for your body shape:

Elomi Isis

Elomi Isis Three-Piece Swimsuit

Fuller figure

Rather than trying to hide your curves, embrace vintage swimwear trends and show them off. Try halter-neck styles, or Miraclesuit swimwear to pull in your waist. Another fabulous range for the fuller figure is the Elomi Isis collection – offering three pieces of swimwear that offer a flattering shape when worn together (swim bra, swim brief and tankini top).

Freya Cha Cha Padded Sweetheart Bikini

Freya Cha Cha Padded Sweetheart Bikini

Pear shape

Ruffles can add volume to your bust to balance your shape. And bikini briefs with Tie-Sides can do magic when you want to minimise your hips. Also try cupped styles with padding, such as Freya Cha Cha Sweetheart Bikini.

Hoola Shimmer Halter Swimsuit

Hoola Shimmer Halter Swimsuit

Triangle shape

Use ruffles on your bottom half to balance your hips with your bust. Try structured styles with in-built support, or halter neck styles. Try the Hoola Shimmer Swimsuit.

Hoola Lites Tie-Side Brief

Hoola Lites Tie-Side Brief

Short legs

Match a plain colour bottom with a patterned bikini top to lengthen your legs and draw attention upwards. Avoid boy-short style bottoms, and try high-cut thighs. Tie-Side briefs lengthen your legs and are usually higher-cut, so they will also look great on you.

Freya Calamity Swimsuit

Freya Calamity Swimsuit

Athletic figures

Try out the many feminine, statement styles of swimwear that show off your toned body. Try Fantasie Kyoto Bikini, Freya Valentine Halter Bikini, or Freya Calamity Swimsuit.

All of the swimwear at Brava offer D+ bra cup-sized support – including one-piece swimsuits, tankinis, bikinis and three-piece swimsuits. Offering incredible support and shape; your confidence will lift, your shoulders will relax and your head will be held high. Don’t just sit there on the sand or by the pool, get out there and enjoy yourself this summer! Visit Brava and our lovely team of fitters will help you find the perfect swimwear for YOU! Our stores are in Prahran and the Melbourne CBD.

Tell us what your favourite trend is for this swimwear season!

By Lin Windram.

4 Responses to "Swimwear trends for 2013… what’s your swimwear style?"

  1. Julia says:

    Nothing more beautiful than a confident women and we know you need to be comfortable in order to be confident. That’s why you need to find the perfect swimsuit for your body shape so you can feel comfortable and radiant while wearing it.

    • The Bra Fitter says:

      We agree Julia, its a shame so many women don’t feel comfortable enough in their bodies to walk on the beach or take a swim. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Stacey says:

    A fantastic swimwear selection for curvy woman and thanks for the tips. Ive ordered the Hoolo Shimmer Swimsuit online and cant wait to try it. What an unusual, amazing colour.

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