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Corin Virgina Moulded Bra

Corin Virginia bra is one of our fitters’ favourites - it is perfect for everyday wear; it is form-fitting and ticks a lot of boxes! The Virginia Moulded Bra is ideal if you're looking for something to transition you from non-moulded to moulded bras. It creates a totally seamfree appearance under your clothes, thanks to the ultra-light 3D spacer foam which is a softer approach to moulded bras, allowing a softness that moulds itself to your bust.

Sizes Available

AUS 8 (UK 30) D - G cups AUS 10 (UK 32) D - GG ...


Our bodies are so varied, everyone is shaped uniquely. Bigger-busted women can face common challenges when bra shopping, but there are some beautiful bras designed especially to cater to D cup & up women. If you are curvy and short, you may be familiar with the below bra fitting challenges: The underwires may dig into your underarms. In the long-run, this can cause chaffing, discomfort and will be a bra that you want to throw off the minute you arrive home. Straps that are not fully-adjustable tend to sit too far down your ...

Moulded Bras in larger cup sizes

Do you fear that wearing a moulded bra will make your bust look larger? This is a common misconception about moulded bras, which in our experience we've found to be untrue. To clear up any confusion, we define a moulded bra as having a seamless cup which holds its shape even after you have taken it off. 'Moulded' describes how the bra has been made, by heating the bra material over a mold to give the cup its shape. Many moulded bras have a very thin even layer of foam, ...

Bra advice from mother to daughter

Will I Am’s 2007 Hit “I Got It From My Mumma” is our family’s mantra. My mum is a glorious F cup and her three lady offspring don’t drop below an E. Our boobs came in quick, which made puberty hell for us and for our poor dad who went bald worrying about all the boys he’d have to fight off his little girls. Being twelve with giant boobs wasn’t easy. I’ll never forget the day I came home crying because Michael Donnelly decided to point ...

Asymmetrical breasts

Did you know that over 50% of women have different size breasts? Surprisingly common, breast size asymmetry is the term used to describe when your breasts are different in volume, shape or position. The truth is breast asymmetry is so common that even popular celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence and Keira Knightley have opened up about their own uneven breasts. After all, your breasts are sisters not twins! Typically, women find that the asymmetry is more noticeable during puberty and it evens out during development. Why is one of my boobs bigger ...

Why Do My Underwires Hurt Me

Let's get this straight - your bra should be like your best friend. If your best friend doesn't support you, pokes you constantly, and is just a general pain to be around, then you probably need a new best friend, and the same goes for your bra. Your friendly, everyday underwired bra should not be hurting you - at all!

So why do my underwires hurt me?

This could be for a number of reasons but most likely, the size, fit or style of your bra is probably not right for you. If your everyday ...


This blog post has been guest-written by Alison Vella from Student Musings. So I recently entered the corporate world. If I thought hiding my knockers was a problem before I was out of my flipping mind. Working in an office where tees and ripped jeans violate dress codes makes choosing an outfit an almost impossible task. It’s like having another limb to think about – an awkward protrusion to hide because some bloke decided it was inappropriate flesh to flaunt. It’s not a nightclub, you don’t want to be cat-called, or hit on or ...

Elomi Essentials Firm Control Swimsuit

How much fun is swimwear shopping (said no fuller-busted woman ever)! Does this sound familiar? Standing under the bright lights of the department store fitting room, squeezing into swimwear... knowing it doesn’t quite feel right, but assuming it's the best you will get. Sigh. For so long, DD cup has been perceived to be a BIG cup size because for many years it actually was the biggest cup made. Trust me, I know. As a 15 year old in the 1980s, I was an F cup in a sea of DD ...

Body Confidence

We often talk of a woman's self-esteem, her body image, and the language she uses about herself. We try to support her in the fitting room with positive language, support and our warmth to ensure she feels the best she can when standing half naked 60 centimetres from a mirror. After all, she is confronted with her battle scars from childbirth, stretch marks from weight fluctuations and her breasts that just don't look like those in the magazines. We listen to her make little digs at her body, perhaps repeating ...

Prima Donna Couture Bra Gardenia Rose

When it comes to bra fittings, we’ve heard stories of some real doozies! Women have told us of bra fitting nightmares that have left them in tears, scared them away from being fitted for years (or forever!), or made them feel terrible about their bodies. So how do you know a great bra fitter when you find one? Given the different brands that now offer large cup lingerie in beautiful styles and colours, it’s important that you put yourself into ...

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