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Ewa Michalak Pink Marzipan S Bra

Another Ewa Michalak favourite, this blush pink bra reminds us of a warm spring day. Light enough as an everyday basic, the Ewa Michalak Pink Marzipan S Bra can be a staple for your outfits. Made of fine matte knitwear, delicate lace runs the length of the band.

Sizes Available

AUS 6 (UK 28) FF – HH cups AUS 8 (UK 30) F – K cups AUS 10-16 (UK 32 - 38) GG – K cups AUS 18 (UK 40) E - HH cup

Colours Available


Best Features

This is a moulded style ideal for ...

Corin Virgina Moulded Bra

Corin Virginia bra is one of our fitters’ favourites - it is perfect for everyday wear; it is form-fitting and ticks a lot of boxes! The Virginia Moulded Bra is ideal if you're looking for something to transition you from non-moulded to moulded bras. It creates a totally seamfree appearance under your clothes, thanks to the ultra-light 3D spacer foam which is a softer approach to moulded bras, allowing a softness that moulds itself to your bust.

Sizes Available

AUS 8 (UK 30) D - G cups AUS 10 (UK 32) D - GG ...

Freya Hero Side Support Plunge Balcony Bra

Here’s a bra specifically made for side support - something a lot of fuller-busted women want. The side support in Freya Hero allows your bust to sit closer to your chest rather than under your arms. This essential is a bra drawer necessity as a popular everyday bra. Designed with a four-sectioned cup, adding extreme structure to the fit, you’ll find the side support panel to be very effective.

Sizes Available

AUS 6 (UK 28) D - J cup AUS 8 – 14 (UK 30 – 36) D - K cups AUS 16 (UK 38) ...

Underwire poking out

If you find underwired bras uncomfortable, you're not alone. At Brava, we know the reason behind an uncomfortable wire is usually the wrong bra size or style for your shape, so we will ask you to try a few we recommend as its most often a fit issue that can be corrected. After this, if you're still uncomfortable we’ll happily bring you a wire-free. If you've been avoiding underwire for years, read on to find out why that small piece of wire could actually be your friend (not your enemy)! The ...


Our bodies are so varied, everyone is shaped uniquely. Bigger-busted women can face common challenges when bra shopping, but there are some beautiful bras designed especially to cater to D cup & up women. If you are curvy and short, you may be familiar with the below bra fitting challenges: The underwires may dig into your underarms. In the long-run, this can cause chaffing, discomfort and will be a bra that you want to throw off the minute you arrive home. Straps that are not fully-adjustable tend to sit too far down your ...

Freya Fancies Longline Bra

For years, we've swooned over Freya Lingerie's brilliant longline bra creations. We've covered previously on the Bra Fitter why we think that longline bras are the bees knees, and that every D Cup & Up woman should own one. However, they were often difficult to find as Freya would only bring out these fantastic longlines in their seasonal fashion ranges. Finally, after years of waiting, they have added the Freya Fancies Longline Bra to their ongoing range, and we ...

Why Do My Underwires Hurt Me

Let's get this straight - your bra should be like your best friend. If your best friend doesn't support you, pokes you constantly, and is just a general pain to be around, then you probably need a new best friend, and the same goes for your bra. Your friendly, everyday underwired bra should not be hurting you - at all!

So why do my underwires hurt me?

This could be for a number of reasons but most likely, the size, fit or style of your bra is probably not right for you. If your everyday ...