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The Bra Size Alphabet

by Guest Blogger on November 29, 2013 in Bra Fitting, Breast Health

Curvy Kate Wild Plunge BraHow do you feel about your bra size? Are your cups half full, half empty, or over-flowing?

Before I worked at Brava, I used to squeeze myself into D cup bras. I didn’t even believe cups went bigger than an E cup… anything close to an F cup set me reeling back in self-denial! On the subject of self-denial, as a teenager I was fearful of anyone mentioning Dolly Parton in my presence. Name-calling wasn’t something I stood up to well.

At the very beginning of my journey as a bra fitter at Brava, I had to swallow my pride, step out of my own self denial and go through the bra fitting process myself. For the first time in my life (at age 37), I was fitted into my correct bra size – 12GG. Golly Gosh! Great God almighty!

It took me some time to get used to the new double figured letters. But amazingly, and as I now see time and time again as a professional fitter… a well-fitted bra in the correct size looks fantastic, feels 100 times better, made me look smaller and feel so much happier and better about myself. I can’t believe I waited so long. It’s made such a difference to my posture, how I feel about myself and how my clothes look. It’s fantastic.

Now after 2 years of bra fitting, and helping 100s of women find beautiful and supportive bras from D-K cup… I’ve decided to reclaim my own ‘name-calling’ by weaving some whimsical word-smithing of cup size letters for your sheer delight and entertainment. You may even like to make up your own, or claim what’s written here, to match your cup size!

Here at Brava we don’t start at A… we are not an ABC shop. We’re a little bit more SBS; world wide, exotic and foreign.

Here at Brava, we start at a D cup, a delightful D, sizes 6-22, catering for bold, brave bodilicious babes.

If you meet one, or are one yourself, you might like to roll these words off your tongue and see what you like. Or even better… share your own inspiring, creative and empowering word-smithing ways with us by commenting below.

By Kathleen Agius.


D or DD cup

  • Delightful Dumplings
  • Downright Delicious
  • Dazzling Diamonds
  • Drop Dead Delicious
  • Dreamy Dunes

E cup

  • Earthy PalaceEdible Entree
  • Excellent Entrance
  • Engaging Encore
  • Embodied

F or FF cup

  • Fabulous Friends
  • Frivolous Fun bags
  • Fearlessly Flirty
  • Full Figured Feast

G or GG cup

  • Generously Gifted
  • Gob-smacking Gorgeous
  • Guilt-free Goodness
  • Golden Gals

H or HH cup

  • Head-turning Hallelujah
  • Heavenly Hills
  • High Powered Hoots
  • Hearty Handfuls
  • Homey Headrest

J or JJ cup

  • Jumping Jellybeans
  • No keepin’ up with the Jones’ Jugs
  • Juicy Jivin’ Joan of Arc Jubilee
  • Joyously Jolly
  • Jaw dropping Joy

K cup

  • Ka-ching kingsKathmandu Kisses
  • Kitchen Kittens
  • Kaftan-loving Knockouts with Kudos

5 Responses to "The Bra Size Alphabet"

  1. Ambra says:

    I’m an Italian girl and here bra sizes are terrible! We consider only the size of the cup, so if a woman is big chested but also tiny she can’t find anything because bras with a big cup are only for chubby women. I’m a small girl (50 kg) but i have big breasts and i’ve always worn wrong bras, so i decided to start shopping online because UK & USA measurements are way better: i tried to convert my measurements and thought i was a 32D, so i ordered a 32D bra from England. I’m wearing it now but it’s uncomfortable because my breasts fall out the bottom of the bra…Maybe the right size for me is a 32DD? I’m very confused, i know i have a weird body, but i hope to find the right size for me soon :/

    • The Bra Fitter says:

      Hi Ambra, That sounds hard for you, yes some companies just don’t offer much for smaller body. It sounds like you need a size 28 (6) or 30 (8) back. If the cup in the 32DD (10DD Australian) fits but the back is too big then I suggest you try a 30E to start with, the 32 (10) is too big for you as the band should be firm. If the DD cups are too small as well then try a 30F (8F). You can search on by your size to see all the pretty bras in your size. Let me know if you need anymore help. thanks Maxine

  2. kathleen says:

    thanx Stevie. It was fun to do. I’ve self claimed Goddess Gallery as my own. I love it, i think its the arty reference. All the best to u and yr fabulous friends. K

  3. Stevie says:

    Great blog post, Kathleen!

    ‘Fabulous Friends’ is probably my favourite out of all of them, but many come a close second!

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